Cruises from Baltimore

Baltimore Maryland is a lesser known spot for having cruise options. But in reality there are plenty of cruises from Baltimore that you can check out all year round. There are plenty of cruises that offer a variety of luxury cruises in state of the art cruise liners. There are also a couple of budget cruising options available for those who don’t want to spend a fortune on cruise ships. You can get a lot of information from the internet about Baltimore cruise timings and schedules. You can also book a cruise online and get special discounts. The two most popular cruise routes are the Baltimore Bermuda Cruises and the Chesapeake Bay Cruises.

Baltimore Cruise Terminal

The cruises from Baltimore leave from the Baltimore Cruise Terminal located at South Locust Point which is a completely dedicated passenger cruise terminal. From the Inner Harbor, the terminal is about a few minutes drive away and from the BWI airport it is a ten minute drive. This is why it is easily accessible from most areas. The most fabulous thing about this terminal is that the Port of Baltimore is actually over three thousand years old! It is also near to the Fort McHenry which is another beautiful historic site. You can park your car easily in the Baltimore Cruise parking and there are no reservations required.

Baltimore Bermuda Cruises

This is a very popular route among all other Baltimore cruises and Bermuda is a beautiful place to be in. It is like a pastel painting of an artist and located six hundred miles off North Caroline coast. The gardens are simply picturesque with pretty houses and golf courses and some of the most amazing pink sand beaches. The area also has some incredible shopping destinations and if you are looking for a cruise close to the US this might be your perfect choice. The British lifestyle and upscale shops will fascinate you and the pink sand will surely be an incredible uniqueness. The food in Bermuda is usually quite spicy and there are plenty of underwater activities like snorkeling and scuba diving.

Chesapeake Bay Cruise

These cruises are also extremely popular because they are quite lengthy weekly cruises and they offer a fabulous location. There are plenty of historic ports on the Chesapeake Bay area and the American Cruise Line actually has small ship being built in that area. The popular port locations include St. Michaels, Annapolis, Crisfield, Tangier Island and Yorktown. You can do a lot of walking around various destinations and enjoy the unique historic venues that all these places hold while on a cruise Baltimore.

Cruises From Baltimore

There are plenty of cruises leaving from Baltimore which will be surprisingly fantastic. From day long excursions to seven night cruises, you can pick your favorite. You can also get additional information about schedules and cruises from Baltimore in 2017 by checking out online cruise booking guides. But following are the famous cruise companies that offer cruises in that area:

Carnival Cruises: Year round cruises including the 7 day Carnival Pride cruise

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line: From 5 day cruises to 9 day cruises

Celebrity Cruises: Nine to twelve day cruise in style and luxury

American Cruise Line: Small ships so you can explore shallow waters

You can also get a lot of discount cruise ideas from online cruise websites if you are looking to save some money.